Looks like eggs got ahead of the chicken...

  • What happened to Plugin Manager not being there in latest releases of NPP installers and crashing when trying to update it from the old ones? I have been trying to migrate from an old computer and install old plugins on teh ew one that I have come to rely on. Two hours of trying old and new NPP installers and still no plugin manager to install plugins. Please help. BTW code aligner link is broken too.

  • @A-V

    No eggs…no chicken…just YOU not following along with current Notepad++ happenings…and not Googling for the answer.

    FAQ: “Where is the Plugin Manager??” See https://notepad-plus-plus.org/news/notepad-7.5-released.html Section starting with “You may notice that Plugin Manager plugin has been removed…”

    FAQ: How do I get the Plugin Manager back?? See http://bruderste.in/npp/pm/#install

    Don’t know about “crashing” though…

  • Well, for the end-users that actually have to do other things besides “following” latest developments with NPP it would be useful to have Plugin Manager back. From the attached link looks like we agree on this. In the meantime, while built-in Plugin Manager is cooking, here is the solution that worked for me. I renamed C:/Program Files (x86)/Notepad++ and copied the same directory from my old PC. I got my old Notepad++ with all old plugins back! BTW getting personal in the posts is NOT COOL.

  • @A-V you’re not the first one (and possibly not the last one) to notice the plugin manager is missing. I can understand not everyone is following the latest developments but at least do a search on the forum or use Google to find simular/related posts next time to prevent clutter.

  • Please read Google EULA before using their search and services. In view of recent FB events you may look at it in a different light. Another, point is that the Software good products like NPP should not loose features or make it difficult for users. Whoever is in charge of this development should take a note of Plugin Manager MIA since August 2017. Just 2c worth form the Hardware guy. Anyway, my “nuke 'em” solution seems to work. Not advisable for everyone, but my old PC is dying and I can no afford loosing another day, so drastic measures were in order.

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