I am a crazy Korean1

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    Even if the grammar is completely abnormal, please forgive me.

    I use this program “notepad–”
    It seems crazy.

    1. Set menu language
      I downloaded the “zip” version.
      There was no place to language change set menu.
      It is said that it can be set up by installing “install” version because it searches.
      In the “install” version I found the menu “preferences” in the “preferences”
      I was kind enough to change the language setting.
      link text

    plz insert toolbar in language change icon

    1. i want help
      I wanted to make a protest visit to the site of this program.
      “? icon”
      General “about” “help” “homepage” “helpsite”
      I do not know what your concept is.

    what the funy~!

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