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    1. I am the “cmd scripter.”
      I create a “cmd” document and try to insert a style.


    I was frustrated.

    With “style configurator …”
    The function of the “language” menu caused a conflict.

    I did not have good eyesight and wanted to enlarge the font size.

    i raised the font size in “language style”.


    The grammar that does not apply here is reduced to the original size when you use the word Writing is done.

    : style configurator "to enable global font size.

    So why do we need the styler font size of the user-defined menu?

    in the “language - user defined” menu
    And has no rights to the all background color…
    not with the font for the whole document

    This program has a similar menu
    It is composed of two

    Please menu together.

    1. what is priority menu in style?
      “user-defined menu” - “Keyword list” sub-tab
      What is the priority of the styler function?
      The first group? The second group?
      When you write at the bottom, there are times when the priority goes up.
      Sometimes down.

    “Folders and Defaults” “Keyword List” “Comments and Numbers” “Operators and Delimiters”
    What is Priority?

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