trying to replace certain line.

  • hello i need to replace a line on a lot of code pages and i just need to replace it on line 116 but ech line has some thing different on it.
    i have tried going throw ech one and doing it by hand but there 600 of them and a stuff up a lot all ready so please is there a way to do it.

  • i 'm stuck on some thing. i want to Chang what biome bundle world replaceblocks: . but there over 440+ biome is there a way to do that. i have manged to use find all the replaceblocks: but have seen that most of them come at line 116 but some are at 114 in notepad++ but not able to replace the line 116 114 because ech .bc file has some different wording replaceblocks:.
    it has 400+ fills i would have to manually go throw. would you know how to do that. i have been trying to finger it out using google but not able .
    or is there a way to when using find . when it has finds all replaceblocks: i can edit them from the find results
    that would be really cool.

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