Merging two text files, with the intent to replace text that overwrites ~ Help :(

  • This issue feels like something I’m just barely not grasping and I’ll feel awful for not figuring it out myself once there’s an answer.

    I make Minecraft texture packs with custom/edited item/block/etc. names, and they’re all contained in a giant text file per language. The problem is that as the game updates, this list changes, and I have to use the updated text file as the master, because I can never be totally sure what new changes were made to the file (it’s not just the names of stuff, it’s all of the text present ingame/in-menu). Is there a way for me to, essentially, copy/paste the entirety of the old text file into the new/updated text file, and replace the necessary names (e.g. it overwrites “achievement.bookcase=Librarian” -> “achievement.bookcase=Blacksmith”)?

    The same idea as copy/pasting an image into a file that already contains an image of the same name - you’re prompted to “replace”. I need that option for… 6k lines of text.

    Thanks for any help, just trying to avoid a bucketload of tedious ctrlc+v.

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