Is there a way to easily list out (as text) the current key assignments?

  • Is there a way to easily list out (as text) the current key assignments?

    Not the defaults but the actual current assignments.

  • @Herb-Martin

    Sadly, I don’t believe there is…

  • Thanks for putting me out of my misery (looking for it). And I guess I still don’t 'Like the answer" but I won’t shoot the messenger.

    Appreciate the answer and you for posting even it doesn’t make me happy. :(

  • @Herb-Martin

    The only reason I responded (normally questions that have an “No” answer…don’t get an answer here) was so I could get the “sadly” in there, as when I first started using Notepad++ this was a functionality I wanted and couldn’t believe didn’t exist.

    I resorted to screen captures of the Shortcut Mapper… screens but IIRC even that didn’t work well because my screencap software caused the scrolled view of the Shortcut Mapper (positioned so that I could take screenshots of the next grouping) to go back to the top! I finally made it work but it was a struggle.

    As Notepad++ is open source, perhaps you could add this functionality, get it accepted…and then many would benefit.

    It might also be possible to program something after-the-fact by reading the configuration xml files (along with some of the raw source code) and derive the information you seek.

  • @Scott-Sumner “No” to such a question is very useful. If it is wrong then it will prompt someone to correct it, and as the correct answer will save time – we can stop looking and figure a workaround or spend energy elsewhere.

    I don’t do a lot of open source coding – not enough spare time to follow through fully, but this one MIGHT motivate me as it should be easy (the data is obviously there and even obviously in a form that would make it pretty easy since the key mapper shows it.)

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