Enhance/Extend (not replace, and not tweak existing) Built In Language Syntax Highlighting?

  • Hello, I am hoping for guidance/advice (re in my case .cpp/.h files, but question general).

    I have just now been researching how I might be able, within Notepad++, to relatively simply, selectively hide and/or highlight sections of code during editing. For example, I may have two types of comments: (1) “Long term TODOs.” (2) “Urgent TODOs.” My goal is to be able to quickly and easily hide one set and highlight the other, or vice-versa, etc.

    It would be adequate for my needs (regardless of whether the most elegant solution…) to simple make one set of comments transparent and/or tiny font, another big, red, and bold, etc.

    I can easily affect the functionality I need comment-wise-ONLY with Notepad++'s User-Defined Languages, where I define custom style with custom start/end delimiters of (say) <LongTermTODO> </LongTermTODO> etc. to be (say) tiny font.
    But by choosing a User-Defined language I lose all the great built-in cpp/h syntax highlighting, which I do not want to lose (nor attempt to (partially) manually duplicate…).

    Is there any simple way to layer-on my desired additions over existing built-in syntax highlighting, rather than replacing it all? I looked at langs.xml and stylers.xml and thought maybe I could extend those somehow?

    What I am trying to understand is both whether what I want is simple or complex to do, and what best path(s) might be if straightforward?

    Thank you,

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