CTRL+F the "Find" window

  • Hello!

    When having a document open and use CTRL+F the “Find” window opens.
    When typing a word and getting a find, focus switches to document, highlightning the find.
    The “Find” window closes. Then I have to use CTRL+F to open “Find” window for using a new find.
    Is it possible to have “Find” window always open? Side by side with document window?


    Kind regards

  • @ghibli-laputa

    To clarify, you’re talking about the Find window closing when a selection is made from the Find result panel. Other interactions with the Find window do not close it. To (sort of) answer your question, it is not easily possible to keep it open.

  • What I mean is this:
    “Find” window opens
    Type something in “Find what” field
    Hit “Find Next” button, “Find” window stays open
    Hit “Count” button, “Find” window stays open
    Hit “Find All in Opened Documents” or “Find All in Current Document” button focus goes to “Find result” window and “Find” window closes.
    I’m not a programmer but shurely it should be doable to keep the “Find” window open?

  • @ghibli-laputa

    Ah…your clarification is what I meant to say, but I really didn’t say it very well…sorry…

    Anyway, what you’ve described is termed “design behavior”. Meaning that although I’ve never seen it documented in any way, over time it has become the accepted way in which Notepad++ works. If it were changed now, it would upset untold millions who depend upon it as-is. This is not to say it won’t ever be changed, but I’d guess the odds are somewhat slim. It is certainly doable.

    BTW, if a search results in zero hits in your scenario, the Find window will remain open! :-)

  • I often think when it comes to computers and software, that if I come across a problem or in this case a “design behavior” as you call it, I’m not alone. :D
    So I think of keeping the “Find” window open as an improvement and more users than me would find it useful.

    Best regards

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