Shortcut key for File > Reload from Disk

  • I use NPP to monitor log files, and I like the Monitoring feature, but it would also be quite useful to just hit F5 (or some other key combo) to reload a file from disk. Does this exist?

  • The File menu has a Reload from Disk option. You can use the Settings > Shortcut Mapper to assign a shortcut to any menu item, and lots of other commands as well.

    In my installation, Reload from Disk is the 7th row on the Main Menu tab, with no default association. If you select Reload from Disk, then Modify, it will pop open a “Shortcut” dialog box, where you can create/edit the keyboard shortcut. If you chose “F5”, it may tell you there’s a “Conflict Found”. You may be able to see under to the “Shortcut Mapper” dialog, where it would tell you “F5” was mapped to “Main Menu | ### Run…” or something similar; or you can click OK, the Reload from Disk line will turn red, and the bottom of the dialog will show that message. You can then modify (or clear) the shortcut for the conflicting shortcut (or edit this shortcut to some other key combination that doesn’t conflict).

  • Very useful! Thank you!

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