#columns not properly aligned when exported from excel file

  • Good afternoon everybody,

    I am trying to export data stored in an excel spreadsheet with approx 360 rows and 200 columns into a .txt file. I need the columns to be properly aligned in order to process the data with another software (GrowthRates). However, when I select “Text file (tab alignment)” to convert my file, the resulting .txt file shows columns which are not aligned. I am trying to find a way to edit them in Notepad++ but I have no idea if already existing plugins are available for this or not. When I checked on the Internet it seems that maybe the TextFX plugin could do the job, but the version I found didn’t want to work with the version of Notepad which is installed on my computer (v 7.5.6 64-bit).

    Does anybody have any idea about how I could deal with this please? I am a complete noob, so I apologise if I am not clear enough in my message.

    Thank you very much for your help.

    Best regards,