UDL bug about 'Comment line style'

  • hello

    I have a problem with UDL(Style) about ‘comment line style’.

    if i set "Force at beginning of line, it doesn’t work at the first line.

    ( Open: [
    ( Continue character: [ ]
    ( Close: ;

        1        [Project]                                         // <- only first line is not 'comment'
        2        [Project]
        3        [Project]
        4        [Project] fdsfsd;

    that’s my first question.
    plus, is it possible to define word that includes white space(s). that means the word at not beginning of line.

    I want to distinguish sentence starting at beginning of line from sentence including preceding white space(s).

    apple is red
     apple is red

    i want to show those sentences by different colors.

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