HIghlight Hardware-Addresses ("MAC")

  • I tried to highlight a hardware address like 44:8a:5b:a1:e6:95 in a log of DHCP. I set the extended highlight delimiter to ’ ’ and ‘;’ and ctrl-doubleclicked.

    Then I get grey highlight and no other occurances of the same MAC are highlighted. When I do the highlight “manually” with left-click and drag, it starts with a green highlight which switches to a grey highlight when crossing the first ‘:’ .

    How do I configure NPP to highlight anything I want and highlight other occurances as well, regardless of what kind of characters are in the selection?

  • Could not figure out what exactly you want to highlight but if I wanted to follow several MAC addresses or IP addresses in a log I would use:
    right click->Style token
    To apply style(s) to the addresses I care about.

  • Hello, @nobsware and All,

    • Execute the Search > Mark... menu option

    • Insert the regex (?i)(?:(?1):){5}([[:xdigit:]]{2}) in the Find what: zone

    • UNtick the Bookmark line , if necessary

    • Tick the Wrap around option

    • Select the Regular expression search mode

    • Click on the Mark All button

    To navigate between all these hardware addresses, use the two options :

    • Search > Jump up > Find Style Ctrl+Shift+0

    • Search > Jump down > Find Style Ctrl+0

    To suppress these Find highlighting, use the Search > Mark... menu option first, then click on the Clear all marks button

    Best Regards,


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