Notepad++ Portable Chocolatey package won't launch

  • Hello,
    i have build a Chocolatey package for Notepad++ Portable. But after installing this package I’am not able to launch this programm. If i start it with ‘Run as administrator’ it starts properly. After the first start as administrator it starts also without administrator rights, as it should. I have also tried the (Notepad++ (Portable, CommandLine)) package from the public Chocolatey mirror, this one has the same issue.
    Does anyone know what the issue is or how i can fix it?

  • I have already fixed this issue.
    I coppied the files (config.xml, langs.xml, session.xml and stylers.xml) from the running Folder and added them to the installation prozess.
    With these four files in the programmfolder, np++ starts properly.

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