Update 7.5.6 does not allow me to instal XMLtools Plugin

  • After installing new notepad 7.5.6 I put the XMLTools.dll in the Plugins folder and iconv.dll, libxml2.dll, libxslt.dll and zlib1.dll in the root folder as in the previous version.

    However when I try to run the Notepad I get this error everytime:

    “Cannot load 32-bit plugin
    XMLTools.dll is not comaptible with the current version of Notepad ++ …”

    I have x64 bit version of the app and I downloaded x86 plugin.

    Thank you

  • @Bugnerová-Pavla

    Consider these statements as Laws :

    • 32-bit plugins are not compatible with 64-bit executables
    • 64-bit plugins are not compatible with 32-bit executables

    Either go with:

    • 32-bit executable (notepad++.exe) and 32-bit plugins
    • 64-bit executable (notepad++.exe) and 64-bit plugins

    Note: x86 is another term for 32-bit (means the same thing, in this context at least)

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