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  • Hi! I have multiple files that I would like to change using a find and replace function. Each file has different text on line 5, and ‘EN’ as the last line. I would like to find a way to copy Line 5 and paste within a new text statement everytime it states ‘EN’ on multiple files without entering each one.

    Line 1
    Line 2
    Line 3
    Line 4

    Replace with :
    Line 1
    Line 2
    Line 3
    Line 4
    New text 1234

    Is there a way to do this without going into each file?

  • Your spec is rather ambiguous, but I think this will do what you asked for (in that it mimics the output):

    • Find what : (?-s)^(.*$\R)^(EN)$
    • Replace with : $1New text $1$2
    • ☑ Regular Expression
    • Make sure you’re on the Find in Files tab

    Find details:

    • (?-s) = make sure . does not match EOL characters (this will ensure that the next parenthetical will only match one line’s worth
    • () = Everything inside parentheses gets put into the next $# variable
    • ^ = matches the beginning of a line
    • $ = matches the end of a line
    • \R = matches the EOL character sequence (whether it’s a linux LF or windows CR+LF or old mac CR)
    • ^(.*$\R) = combining concepts above: match all the text between the start and end of line, plus the EOL sequence, and store it all in $1
    • ^(EN)$ = match the entire line matching EN, and store EN in $2

    Replace details:

    • $1: quote the values in $1, so it will be the fifth line and its new-line sequence
    • new text $1: add “New text”, followed by a space and the full contents of the fifth line (including its newline)
    • $2: quote the EN

    P.S. :
    (paraphrasing @guy038, the forum’s regex guru, who compiled these great regex resources, but hasn’t shared them in this thread yet):

    Here is a good starting point for NPP users unfamiliar with regular expression concepts and syntax:

    Modern Notepad++ (since v6.0) uses the Boost C++ Regex library, v1.55.0 (similar to the Perl Regular Common Expressions (PRCE), v5.8):

    Other sites with valuable regular expression information include:

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