notpad++ 7.5.6 install and plugins

  • Hello All
    I love Notepad++ (Npp), and it has worked great for a while. Here is what I like and use in Npp;
    Default app for .txt, .log, .ini.
    Compare 1.5.6
    ColumnSort NppColumnSort-
    Spell Check
    TextFX for sort remove duplicates, and I want to add ans use the the xml re indent option.

    I installed Npp version 7.5.6 and I had to reinstall the plugin manager and then installed the plugins and
    column sort won’t load says it is not compatible.
    Then when I went to windows explore and found a .txt file, I couldn’t right click on it make it open in Npp, and windows explorer wouldn’t let me open by browsing to “C:\Program Files\Notepad++\notepad++.exe” file and making the default application.

    What version of Npp do I need to download and install to make all of these plugins to work, set Npp as the default app for file types?

    Thanks in advance for the help.

  • Which version of N++ did you install. Sounds like it is the 64bit version. You could check that under ?->Debug Info…

    NppColumnSort is not available for 64bit, neither TextFx.
    So probably the 32bit version is the right one for you, see

  • Thanks chcg
    Yes I have 64, it doesn’t need to match my Win OS version?
    I will try to uninstall current and reinstall the 32bit

  • Yes, it is possible to run the 32 bit version also on a win 64 OS version.