How to create a delay between 2 functions ?

  • Hello, I don’t know how to make a delay between 2 functions, for exemple :
    <item type=“batch” label=“multi tp”>
    <item type=“sendChat” label=“teleportation1” command=".go -17,-47 %p"/>
    <item type=“sendChat” label=“teleportation2” command=".go -32,-56 %p"/>

    And this is to fast for the game, like 0,0001 sec , I want 1 seconde of delay, please how to do that ?

    Thank you

  • @William-Drop

    This inquiry is NOT Notepad++ related.
    Please confine discussion here to Notepad++ topics.

  • @Scott-Sumner

    on the other hand it’s quite amusing to see how many newer users think that notepad++ is the source of all programming languages, the beginning of the internet, and maybe, for future generations, the initiator of the big bang ;-)

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