Notepad++ Questions (with screenshots) (big post). Developer input appreciated.

  • Hi.
    I am trying to learn more about this awesome text editor.
    I have some questions about notepad++ if you do not mind explaining to me.

    1. What does this mean? (screenshot:

    2. I think this section has to do with the file is modified, keep in editor? etc stuff (screenshot:

    So, if I disable this, will it not ask me the questions like “this file has been modified by another program, keep this file in editor?” AND "the file does not exist, delete this from the editor?

    I do not like how when I make edits to my files I get these messages, if the file is modified I would like to just see the modified file instead, and if it is deleted I would like to not see the file at all.

    So, If I checkmark the update silently, will I not get these messages? and what if I disable the File Status Auto-Detection. Then what happens?
    Please explain these 3 options for me. thx.

    1. What are sessions?

    2. I found the “eye” monitor setting for the files. What is this for? How does it differ from setting a file to read-only?

    3. What does this do? (screenshot:

    thx \o/

  • @SalviaSage

    1 +2 give it a try and see.

    A session is basically a shortcut for opening
    a lot of files in one go.

    The “eye” is just another way of monitoring, it tries
    to simulate the unix tail command.

    If you have API files (the once you see under plugins\APIs) notepad
    can offer assistance in showing you a list of possible words you want to add


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