How do you type the tab character into the replace box?

  • Hi.

    I can’t type the tab character by pressing tab in the replace box, so I have to copy paste a tab from somewhere each time. Is there like an alt code or something that can be used here? I tried alt+0+0+9 that didn’t work.

  • @SalviaSage

    I don’t believe you can easily do it. What I do is to use Regular expression search mode (Extended will work as well) and put \t in the Find what zone where the tab character should occur.

    In general it will work fine, but using these modes gives special meaning to other characters, so be aware of that. These are the characters treated specially by Regular expression mode: ][.^$*+?(){}\|-. If you need to use them (literally) in your search expression, prefix them with a \. So for example if you want to search for “tab” followed by “asterisk”, use this: \t\*

  • oh okay. I just need to have the extended selected and just type \t. that works. thx.

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