Do I own all rights to the rules created using Notpad++?

  • Hello,

    I know I’m allowed to use notepad++ for commercial use, but my concern is with the GPL license and I worry that the files I write and save using notepad++ will be under GPL, forcing me to make any project that incorporates these files, placed under GPL. I’d like to use these files in a project which is closed source. Am I correct in my assumption that the files created will be under GPL? Or am I wrong meaning these files will actually be under what ever license I decide?

  • @Rodney-Ramsay

    If you replace Notepad++ in your query with notepad.exe (aka Microsoft Windows’ Notepad)…can you answer the question yourself?

    [If not, then “Do you own all rights?”–YES.]

  • @Rodney-Ramsay The licensing refers to the program itself, and has nothing to do with what you create using the program. You only need to worry if you write a program to sell (or give away) that uses part of the Notepad++ source code.