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  • I just upgraded to Windows 10 and had to re-download Notepad ++. Previously, I was able to save my .csv files fine but now when I do SAVE AS there is no .csv extension in the list and it is saving as .txt which do not work with my application. Please help!!

  • So type the File name: as blah.csv and select Save as type: as All types (*.*)". For me (Win 10, NPP 7.5.6 32bit), that did exactly what I'd expect: saved the file as blah.csv`.

    The Save as type is really more of a filter for existing files. It doesn’t even set the default extension for me: if I pick name: blah and type: Normal Text File (*.txt), it saves it as “blah”, not as “blah.txt”. (Maybe that’s because I always tell Windows to not hide extensions, ever; I think hiding extensions was one of Windows’ worst default behaviors of all time)

  • @Ca-Holmes

    For the record, as far as Notepad++ is concerned, there is no difference between .txt and .csv (or “dot-whatever”) when you save a file; you will get exactly the same data in the file you save. I say this because you seem to think that you will get different results. Contrast this with Excel, for example, where choosing different things on the SaveAs menu gets you a vastly different result in the saved file. Notepad++ saves as text only, which makes pretty good sense since it is a text editor.

  • The problem was solved once I showed the file extensions in Windows. Not sure how that fixed it but it now is saving the modified file with the .csv ext instead of defaulting to .txt which happened before even when selected All Files .. Thank you!

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