How to move Doc Switcher to left column?

  • I clicked on something and now cannot move the Doc Switcher to the left column - it’s either off or at the top. How do I move it back to the left?
    Running version 7.5.6, Windows 8. Thanks.

  • @Margaret-Duddy

    double click into the window area with the Doc Switcher name

    this will release it like here

    slowly drag it to the left by clicking into the area as before but keep pressing the
    left mouse but until you see if attaches to the side. Done.


  • @Claudia-Frank

    FWIW, I already had the Doc Switcher (aka Document List Panel in Preferences) on the left with some other things as well (Explorer plugin window, Explorer favorites window, Document Map). Freeing the Doc Switcher worked, but then click-dragging it and moving slowly to the left didn’t work at all. I found I that had to click-drag and slowly move up into that area from the bottom to get the phantom rectangle to appear–the one that lets you know that if you release the mouse, your floating window will doc in that spot.

  • @Scott-Sumner

    You are right, if multiple panels are in one group it is different, also freeing the panel
    doesn’t work if you click on windows title instead one needs to double click the tab field.

    And it seems behaving awkward, to be honest - at least on linux it draws only half
    of the panel first and then once updated the rest. (??)


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