FAQ Desk: Let's start making new FAQ Topics for the frequent questions/problems, and point people to them

  • I recently started collecting my “canned” responses to frequently asked questions or frequently encountered problems, but had just been storing them in a text file in Notepad++, and copy/pasting the text into responses in each individual Topic as they came up.

    This violates the DRY principle: Don’t Repeat Yourself. So, I started putting these in the Blogs forum category, but that really wasn’t the right place. So, @guy038 contacted @don-ho, who created the new FAQ category, in the Notepad++ Community Forums and @guy038 moved my “FAQ Desk” Blog posts here.

    Please use this category for long-term storage of answers to frequently asked questions.

    I prefixed the titles of my original posts with “FAQ Desk”, to help them stand out from other Blog posts. Now that the FAQ is its own category, that’s not strictly necessary, though I will probably continue with the convention. I think adding tags with keywords from the topic may also be helpful for people searching the forums.

    As @guy038 and @Scott-Sumner discussed in another thread, discussion and questions about the FAQ answers still belong in the other categories, to keep these FAQ responses clear and uncluttered. If a FAQ needs to be updated, a moderator will be able to update the original FAQ answer posts, even beyond the 180sec lockout.

    Updated 2018-May-15 : After @Don-HO created the FAQ category, and @guy038 moved the posts here, we re-worded this introductory post to reflect the new FAQ location.