When closing a large file, NPP takes several seconds unresponsive

  • I’m working with some large log files (±50MB, 460k+ lines) and opening them and even searching within their content is fairly quick. But when closing them (without any editing) NPP freezes for several seconds and becomes totally unresponsive. Is it a bug? Is there something I can do to speed it up? The files are stored locally in a SSD, with NTFS compression attribute.

  • @Alexandre-Machado

    thanks for the key information (local ssd, ntfs compression)
    i can not reproduce this delay on my ssd (non compressed folder, appx. 50mb file) using a 32 bit version of np++ 7.5.6.

    could you try to temporarily adjust some np++ settings to try out if it makes any difference ?

    settings > preferences > backup >>>
    disable following options:
    remember current session for next launch
    enable session snapshot and periodic backup
    backup on save > none

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