Submitting Documentation Proposal - How to Build Notepad++ from Source

  • Hi folks,

    I have created a somewhat detailed instruction set (including screenshots) that chronicles one way to build Notepad++ from source (admittedly to satisfy a course requirement but also) because I struggled initially using the instructions provided on github, and in response to other tickets (e.g. 1228, 4474, & 4348) and other forum posts (e.g. 13959 & 15457) that likewise express said struggle.

    So anyway, it may not be worth a lick of salt to anyone here, but I figured I should at least present it in case it may, on the other hand, be of some value. It can be downloaded here. If there is somewhere else I may want to submit this for review, or even if I should submit it in a pull request in reference to one of the aforementioned tickets, just let me know. Thanks.

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