NppExec v0.6 RC1 has been released!

  • NppExec v0.6 RC1:

    • NppExec’s help files were moved from “doc\*.*” to “doc\NppExec\*.*”
    • new command: npp_setfocus
    • Plugin Interface: new messages NPEM_GETSCRIPTNAMES, NPEM_GETSCRIPTBYNAME
    • now the actual name of NppExec.dll affects the “NppExec” submenu and its “Show Console” item name
    • various small improvements

    Get it here: Plugin v0.6 RC1/
    or here:

    Have fun! :)

    The next RC (Release Candidate) of v0.6 will mostly be concentrated on updating the NppExec Manual (as listed in “NppExec.txt” under the TODO section of v0.6 alpha 1), as well as on necessary improvements, if any.

  • For those who are new to NppExec:

    Here is some brief info about NppExec for new users:

    • NppExec adds a Console window at the bottom of Notepad++'s window;
      This Console window allows to run different console programs directly in it;
      Also there is Plugins -> NppExec -> Execute… window that allows to execute NppExec’s scripts (set of commands).
    • NppExec’s commands and variables are listed in the “NppExec.txt” file.
    • To get more details, type “help” (without the quotes) directly in NppExec’s Console. To get a detailed help about any NppExec’s command, type “help [command]” - e.g. “help npp_open” or “help set”.
      And don’t forget about Plugins -> NppExec -> Help/Manual.


    • Just unpack the NppExec zip-archive to the folder “Notepad++\plugins”.
      It will extract the file “NppExec.dll” as well as the “doc\NppExec” and “NppExec” subfolders.

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