Turn On/Off AutoUpdate for individual tab ..

  • … keeping unchanged global options:
    ‘Preferences - MISC. - File Status Auto-Detection’

    Is this possibility in Notepad++ or I need to post feature request issue on GitHub?

    The best solution would be to be able to set ALL mentioned parameters individually for each tab after Auto-Update was turned ‘On’ for it with default global options settings.

  • @bnote

    what about using the monitor feature (View->Monitoring) and disable the file status auto detection?


  • @Claudia

    Thank you.
    This feature has eluded me in a strange way :)

    I’ll try it instead of mentioned AutoUpdate.

  • @Claudia-Frank

    Sorry for leading apostrophe,
    but I can’t turn-off Markdown formatting (that is strange) on whole big block… :((

    ’ I did some little tests on your advice. Thank you once more :)

    ’ The results are:
    ’ - Both features interferes with each other, however
    ’ - Monitoring overrided Auto-Update and
    ’ - There is no necessity to turn off Auto-Update
    ’ So, the Monitoring is similar to Auto-Update with turned-On both of its -Silent & -Scroll options, but applied to individual tabm but it is the only…

    ’ However, It’s the step forward already - The Monitoring :)
    ’ But it is the palliative only :(

    ’ My goals are to have file changes monitoring feature, but with the following properties:
    ’ - do not move focus on the tab, where changes was happened, but …
    ’ - … mark the tab with any way to attract the user’s attention;
    ’ - avoid of popupped message boxes;
    ’ - if message boxes are need yet, then to make their behavior more intelligent (focus, default button, position), when we have many of them;
    ’ - optionally avoid scrolling.

    ’ All of this targets (except scrolling) are easy achieved by the only & single feature:
    ’ - turn-Off Auto-Update individally (in the first approximation);

    ’ The next, more complexitive step is to make ALL Auto-Update options to be changed individally in contrary to their global settings.

    ’ I.e. The Monitoring, as separate feature, becomes to no need at all :)

    ’ For whose of them, who are lazy to click two checkboxes instead of a single one, there is the possibility to add a special ‘X-Monitoring as tail -f’ checkbox, that will only automaticaly set On/Off for both -Silent & -Scroll simultaneously :)

    ’ The Scrolling, logically, is more closely relates to the Update(Reload) function itself, but not to the way by which Update(Reload) is proceeded - Manually, by Auto-Update or by Monitoring. So it need to add in common ierarchy of global options the separate ‘Scroll on Reload(Update)’ option. And to make possible to override it by Global Auto-Update setting, that can be overrided, in its turn, by individually tab’s option.

    ’ Summarizing, I see the following settings (On/Off checkboxes) …:

    ’ … in “Preferences - MISC.” chapter:

    ’ ‘Reload (Update)’ frame (add):
    ’ - ‘Scroll on Reload (Update)’

    ’ ‘File Status Auto-Detection (Auto-Update)’ frame:
    ’ - ‘Enable’
    ’ - ‘X-Monitoring as tail -f’ (turn On both below) (add)
    ’ - - ‘Update(Reload) Silently’ (turn Off X-Monitoring if Off)
    ’ - - ‘Scroll (override Reload Scroll)’ (turn Off X-Monitoring if Off)

    ’ … in tab context menu with elements of the same behavior:
    ’ --------------------------
    ’ Reload section
    ’ - ‘Reload’ (command)
    ’ - ‘Scroll’ (checkbox)
    ’ --------------------------
    ’ Auto-Update(Reload) section (checkboxes)
    ’ - ‘Enable’
    ’ - ‘X-Monitoring as tail -f’
    ’ - - ‘Update(Reload) Silently’
    ’ - - 'Scroll

    ’ Thanks to everyone who was able to read up to this point :)


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