I need to filter out certain strings from a large file.

  • I have a large file with usernames in it. I need to filter out the usernames.
    File is full of information and and i need to search and filter out all strings that matches regex “Userid\sb\id\w\w\w”
    Searching is fine, but how I can get rid of all the other text is the issue…anyone?

  • @Magnus-Arlebrink

    It’s tough to say without seeing examples of this “other text”…

    Another idea is to approach it differently. You say you have no problems matching the text you need to keep while searching, so a possible option would be to “simply” copy that text to another file. If isn’t extremely simple because Notepad++ can’t do that natively, but if you redmark your text you can copy it to the clipboard with a script; see here.

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