Google feature? But there is nothing.

  • Hi Guys, I read the new patchnotes and it says " Add “Google Search” command in the context menu.", but I have no Google there. <- Ger <- Eng.

    So help me to find it :)

  • Okay… no one read this forum T_T

  • I saw 9 posts since my post yesterday afternoon, and it’s the next day, in the a.m., so yeah, this forum is read. 45 people read my post in less than 24 hours.

    I just went through the menus in Notepad++ and found Google Search in the Run menu. All I had to do is look.

    **rant: **Mentioning menus tempts me to rant about current UI trends where the menus are being removed from software. Doing this is utterly stupid. Menus have been around since the pre-Windows days and were a part of the original Windows architecture. Microsoft in particular has been turning them off by default in their apps, and software developers tend to follow what Microsoft does. This is a mistake.

    To learn what Notepad++ can do I spent some time experimenting with various menu options. Menus are self-documenting and if Microsoft’s own standards are followed (File, Edit, View, Help, etc.) application control is organized by task making it easier to drill down to the desired action.

    Kudos to the developer(s) of Notepad++ for not removing the flippin’ menus :)

  • Okay, I dont know why but why in “run”? They wrote its in the context menu, so for me that is the right click.

  • You need to update your contextMenu.xml
    The google item is just a shortcut to the item in Run menu (shortcuts.xml)

  • And how do I that? I update every time my program if an update is available .

  • That file is included in npp.
    If you used the installer, I don’t know why it wasn’t updated because I don’t use the installer.

  • Hello Dracken Darck,

    To update your contextMenu.xml file, follow the few steps, below :

    • Select the menu options Settings - Edit Popup ContextMenu

    • In the contextMenu.xml file, insert the two lines, below :

        <Item MenuEntryName="Run" MenuItemName="Google Search" /> 
        <Item id="0" /> 

    ABOVE the line :

        <Item MenuEntryName="Edit" MenuItemName="UPPERCASE" /> 
    • Save the contextMenu.xml modifications

    • Close the contextMenu.xml file and restart N++

    From now on, if your right-click on any selection ( Normal or Rectangular ) and choose the Google Search option, in the Context Menu, a new tab will open, in your browser, with the results of the search of the selected text

    Best Regards


  • Thanks, it works :)

  • Sorry for revive, but It didnt worked for me. I’ve been using, but context menu should be quickier for me, and it NOT APPEARS in context menu. Thank you since now.


    This is my ContextMenu.xml:

    Use MenuEntryName and MenuItemName to localize your commands to add.
    The values should be in English but not in translated language.
    (You can set Notepad++ language back to English from Preferences dialog via menu “Settings->Preferences…”)
    <Item MenuEntryName=“Edit” MenuItemName=“Cut” />
    <Item MenuEntryName=“Edit” MenuItemName=“Copy” />
    <Item MenuEntryName=“Edit” MenuItemName=“Paste” />
    <Item MenuEntryName=“Edit” MenuItemName=“Delete” />
    <Item MenuEntryName=“Edit” MenuItemName=“Select all” />
    <Item MenuEntryName=“Edit” MenuItemName=“Begin/End Select” />
    <!-- id=“0” is the separator -->
    <Item id=“0” />
    <!-- You can use command id to add the commands you want.
    Check english.xml to get commands id:

    	Use FolderName (optional) to create sub-menu. FolderName can be used in any type of item.
    	FolderName value can be in any language.
        <Item FolderName="Style token" id="43022" />
        <Item FolderName="Style token" id="43024" />
        <Item FolderName="Style token" id="43026" />
        <Item FolderName="Style token" id="43028" />
        <Item FolderName="Style token" id="43030" />
        <Item FolderName="Remove style" id="43023" />
        <Item FolderName="Remove style" id="43025" />
        <Item FolderName="Remove style" id="43027" />
        <Item FolderName="Remove style" id="43029" />
        <Item FolderName="Remove style" id="43031" />
        <Item FolderName="Remove style" id="43032" />
        <Item id="0" />
    	To add plugin commands, you have to use PluginEntryName and PluginCommandItemName to localize the plugin commands
        <Item FolderName="Plugin commands" PluginEntryName="MIME Tools" PluginCommandItemName="Base64 Encode" />
        <Item FolderName="Plugin commands" PluginEntryName="MIME Tools" PluginCommandItemName="Base64 Decode" />
    	Use ItemNameAs (optional) to rename the menu item name in the context menu 
    	ItemNameAs can be used in any type of item. ItemNameAs value can be in any language.
        <Item FolderName="Plugin commands" PluginEntryName="NppExport" PluginCommandItemName="Copy all formats to clipboard" ItemNameAs="Copy Text with Syntax Highlighting" />
        <Item id="0" />
    	<Item MenuEntryName="Run" MenuItemName="Google Search" /> 
        <Item id="0" /> 
        <Item MenuEntryName="Edit" MenuItemName="UPPERCASE" />
        <Item MenuEntryName="Edit" MenuItemName="lowercase" />
        <Item id="0" />
        <Item MenuEntryName="Edit" MenuItemName="Toggle Single Line Comment" />
        <Item MenuEntryName="Edit" MenuItemName="Block Comment" />
        <Item MenuEntryName="Edit" MenuItemName="Block Uncomment" />
        <Item id="0" />
        <Item MenuEntryName="View" MenuItemName="Hide lines" />


  • @Almir-Canella

    Do you have the Google Search in your run menu?
    It must be exactly spelled as in run menu (shortcuts.xml)
    If so, do you use local or APPDATA configuration? (menu ?->debug info)


  • @Claudia-Frank Thank you, I Hadn’t. I had one for older build backup of shortcuts.xml and some problems because of that. Now it works! Appreciated!

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