How to find an replace incremental items?

  • I get books for the visually impaired and they have page numbers in them. Because of my visual problems, the page numbers get in the way, as the narrator reads every page number.
    I can open them in notepad++ and the text looks like this:
    <p xml:space=“preserve” id=“p_000091” smilref=“Genre_Prompting_Guide_For_Fi00001.smil#p_000091”>How do characters feel about each other?</p>
    <p xml:space=“preserve” id=“p_000092” smilref=“Genre_Prompting_Guide_For_Fi00001.smil#p_000092”>What decisions do the characters have to make?</p>
    <p xml:space=“preserve” id=“p_000093” smilref=“Genre_Prompting_Guide_For_Fi00001.smil#p_000093”>How do these decisions affect other people in the story?</p>

    With the lines being incremental, I obviously can’t do a simple find and replace, is there another type of find and replace I could do to replace those lines (and there are hundreds of them, one for each page number) with <BR>? I am not a coder so I don’t know much about this stuff. Any help you could give me would be appreciated.

  • I fixed it. I just commented those lines out. Thanks :)

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