Launch in Administrator mode not reopen edited file but original file

  • Hi all.
    In Windows with UAC environment, when try to save an edited file in a protected folder, Notepad ask if I want to start it in Administrator mode, and respond to ‘Yes’.
    That’s OK. But the problem is.
    While in some PC notepad restart in admin mode and automatically reopen the file that I had already edited, so I can, simply, click again on save and the file is saved.
    In other PC, notepad restart a new session in admin mode, but automatically reopen the original file (that was saved on disk), before I edited it, so I lost the modify that I do, and need to remodify again the file (really it’s possible to copy all contents in first notepad session and paste and replace all contents in notepad admin session).
    This, naturally, is very nuisance.
    I searched for options difference between one installation and another, without found it.
    How can I solve the problem ?
    Is there an option or setting that permit this ?
    Thanks in advance.

  • @Sauro-Dellapittima

    which notepad++ version do you use, in particular 32bit or 64bit?
    Currently I’m thinking that, maybe, the filesystem redirector did come into place.
    Could this be?


  • Thanks for response.
    The version is the last available (7.5.6) 64 bit, but the problem exist with other previous version too, in 32bit as 64 bit, same problem.
    Currently I’m thinking that, maybe, the filesystem redirector did come into place” sorry, I’m afraid I do not understand what you mean.

  • @Sauro-Dellapittima

    What is the complete pathname to the file you are having this trouble with?

  • Hello.
    The problem isn’t on specific file, it’s on all files in all directories (where is requested administrator right to modify)

  • Maybe you want to have a look on plugin, also available for 64bit, see PluginManager.

  • @Sauro-Dellapittima

    could it be that the PC’s which do act like you want do have
    Settings->Preferences->Backup->Enable session snapshot and periodic backup
    activated while those which don’t work as expected don’t have that setting set?

    I haven’t tested but this could explain the behavior.

    If this isn’t the case, what exactly is different in terms of permissions on folder/files
    or in other words, what do I need to do to see the same behavior as you do?


  • Hello.
    Excuse me all for late (I’m absent in that period).

    Thanks, many thanks @Claudia-Frank, you are right.
    "Settings->Preferences->Backup->Enable session snapshot and periodic backup " wasn’t enabled where the problem exist.
    Activated this option, the problem is solved.

    Renew thanks.

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