How to share my notepad++ plugin ?

  • Hi All
    i have develop my own simple plugin for bin/hex string manipulating functions that i use quite a lot.
    it maybe simple but it will be good if someone might feel it handy :)
    How do i share this out ? i try to goto notepad++ plugin website, but didn’t found an option to contribute to it

  • @Skycc-Lim

    A very simple way to share it is to put it on github (if not already there) and post a link to it here. If it turns out to be a viral (not virus!) plugin that many people adopt and rapidly can’t live without, then maybe consider getting it formally registered as a plugin that PluginManager recognizes (although PM’s future is somewhat in doubt ATM).

  • Alright, thanks a lot, its already in github, let me make a post to share it here :)

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