UDL User Defined Language - keyword inside delimiter

  • Hi,
    I’ve got a language for which some keyword should be evaluated only when within delimiter, meaning I want to see have :
    x = [keywordx2] // keyword should be recognized
    x = keywordx2 // incorect use of keyword, so it should not be recognized
    –> notice that bold only applies when keyword is within [ ]. Many other things oculd be inside the brackets (other keyword, operator, …)
    How to obtain that in with an UDL? Is it possible?

  • @Sayanel-Lyyant

    you already posted the solution - define a delimiter and assign the color you want to it.
    Or did I miss something?


  • @Claudia-Frank
    No it would be too easy : only my keyword should be colored, meaning :
    Normal text is black
    Text in brackets is red
    MyKeyword not inside brackets is black
    MyKeyword inside brackets is blue (and the rest of the text inside the same brackets is red)

    (sorry I can’t give you visual example, as this forum doesn’t allow colored text, or at least I did not find it)

  • @Sayanel-Lyyant

    Ok, so if I understood correctly you want something like this

    No, sorry - I don’t think this can be achieved with UDL.
    The problem basically is that you cannot define keywords_encased_by_delimiters only.


  • Yes thats it exactly
    So sad… I’ll do without it.
    Maybe it could be an improvement to do to UDL?


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