Problem setting annotation text

  • I am setting an annotation (pascal):

    procedure squiggle(level, line, start, length: integer; message : String);
    b, c : TBytes;
    b := TEncoding.UTF8.GetBytes(message);
    mcheck(SendMessage(ScintillaMainHandle, SCI_SETINDICATORCURRENT, level, 0));
    mcheck(SendMessage(ScintillaMainHandle, SCI_INDICATORFILLRANGE, start, length));
    mcheck(SendMessage(ScintillaMainHandle, SCI_ANNOTATIONSETTEXT, 0, LPARAM(@b[0])));
    SetLength(c, 100000);
    mcheck(SendMessage(ScintillaMainHandle, SCI_ANNOTATIONGETTEXT, 0, LPARAM(@c[0])));

    NPP encoding is UTF8, which is what I’m using. No matter what I provide - UTF-8 or 16, or ASCII, what is actually displayed in the annotation is ‘B’ (even if the last parameter is 0). if I provide a bad pointer, I’ll get an access violation, so the construction of the 4th parameter is not - probably - the error. I’ve played around a lot with the text, but I wonder if that’s not the source… “B” is not the first letter of any text I’m displaying… I am at a loss, and any hints gratefully received. thanks

  • oh - v7.5.6

  • @Grahame-Grieve

    I don’t SCI_ANNOTATIONSETVISIBLE in your code.

    The basic steps are (python example)

    editor.annotationSetText(line, text)
    editor.annotationSetStyles(line, styles)


  • ok, so I was quite confused, and this clarified, thanks. Annotations work fine. I’m not asking about annotations. I’m asking about the popup text that displays when the mouse hovers over the indicator. That’s what is displaying as a single character. It’s now changed, to “T” - but I don’t seem to have any control over it?

  • @Grahame-Grieve

    Can you give me an example where in notepad++ you see the reported popup text?
    Currently I’m unsure about which functionality you are looking for.
    Or is this functionality only available in your plugin currently?
    If so, could describe in more detail what you try to achieve?


  • Actually, my question was about Call Tips - and once I found out what I was supposed to asking, my own error was also obvious… sorry

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