URL to always download the current version of software

  • I am using Microsoft System Center Config Mgr. (SCCM) 1802

    For other software packages I have scripts that will always download the latest “MSI installer” version of the software and that download “url” doesn’t change. How can i script the download of the latest version of this software.

    My script would look at that “url” and “get” the current notepad plus plus “msi” and i already have another script that i use to install that downloaded package into my operating system deployment task sequence.

    vbs script or powershell script either one will do. or do any of you use another app that accomplishes the same task of automating this software download?

    Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.

  • See https://notepad-plus-plus.org/repository/, there seems to be no link to the latest version. Seems the path has to be adapted manually or with some version check script.

    1. The keeper of the repository could add a DOS JUNCTION (junction.exe) or a *nix symbolic link (ln -s) named LATEST_VERSION in the top level directory of the “repository/” host. Have you thought about writing code and submitting it?
    2. You could get the all-versions.html file, and parse it for the regexp: “Current Version”, then parse the line(s) the expression occurs on. This yields the canonical versionNumber. Now back-substitute this into the standard download URI and Robert is your aunt’s brother.

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