Replace In Files not working for me using Extended Mode

  • I am trying to replace a given line of text in many files with two lines of text

    e.g. replace

    #include “folder\somefile.h”;


    #include “folder\somefile.h”;
    #include “folder\otherfile.h”;

    If I use extended mode it will find all occurrences just fine looking for

    #include “folder\\somefile.h”;

    But when I try to perform the Replace In Files action using this for the replace with

    #include “folder\\somefile.h”;\n#include “folder\\otherfile.h”;

    It fails just ends up doing nothing with

    Replace in Files: 0 occurrences were replaced.

  • Turns out that this was because the files were read-only. I was counting on the Perforce Plugin to automatically check them out but I guess that is not going to work. I will have to manually checkout everything and then perform the replacement.

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