SCI_STUTTEREDPAGEUP doesn't work as expected

  • I assigned keyboard shortcuts to the SCI_STUTTEREDPAGEUP and SCI_STUTTEREDPAGEDOWN commands. The expected behavior is that these commands will move the cursor respectively to the first and last visible lines if it is not already there, without scrolling.

    Stuttered Page Down works as expected, but Stuttered Page Up instead acts exactly like the regular Page Up command, scrolling up by one page while keeping the cursor in the same place onscreen.

    Is this a bug in N++ and/or Scintilla? If not, any ideas on what might be causing the issue on my system?

  • Hello, @FriendOfFred, and All,

    I can confirm that, after assigning shortcuts to the SCI_STUTTEREDPAGEUP and the SCI_STUTTEREDPAGEDOWN Scintilla commands, the "UP movement does not act as expected :-((

    I, personally, use a local 7.5.6 version of N++, on a Win XP SP3 old laptop. Unfortunately, we do not dispose of any other “Page” command than the default ones and the “stutter” ones.

    I don’t think that this behaviour depends on N++ and probably, the best would be to report this bug to SCIntilla :

    You could also test the SCIntilla based text editor, named SciTE :

    However, I don’t know if that text editor can manage shortcuts assignments in order to test the “STUTTER” commands !

    Best Regards,


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