Only syntax highlight after period

  • Hi,

    I was wondering how I can setup my user defined language to have some keywords only highlighting when they are prefixed by a period (like when you’re calling an attribute of something).


    MyObject.length --> ‘length’ should be highlighted

    length = 5 --> ‘length’ should NOT be highlighted

    Thanks for any input!

  • @pieterjanvc
    Under Language->Define your language … click on the Keywords Lists tab. In the 1st group, click on Prefix mode and then enter a period in the text box. Use the Styler button to choose the way you want the text to look.

  • Hi,

    Thank you for the reply, but unfortunately, what you suggest does’t work for the following reasons:

    • Using the period as a prefix for highlighting only works if it’s preceded by a space (which is useless in the code). ‘MyObject .length’ will highlight, but ‘MyObject.length’ won’t
    • If you use it as a prefix, you can’t set it as a deliminator anymore so anything after a period will highlight, not just the words you want

    Any other ideas?


  • @pieterjanvc
    Last thing I can think of that may (but probably will not) work for you is to define a Delimiter style having:

    Open: .
    Close: ((EOL))

    This will highlight every period to the end of the line.

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