4 Questions - Style, To-Do, Screenwriting, Fountain, ASCII Art

  • Huge NP++ fan, first post, long long longtime user.
    4 questions:

    1. Export Style Configurator option?
    2. To-Do list functionality? (perhaps with Rainlendar, etc)
    3. Is there a screenwriting plugin or language for Notepad++ (ie. https://fountain.io/ Fountain markup language, screenwriting templates (like https://extensions.libreoffice.org/templates/screenwright-r-screenplay-formatting-template for Libre Office), or functionality like Celtx, Trelby, StoryTouch, etc) This is a market ripe for better solutions/alternatives.
    4. I like the space invaders. Will you feature any ASCII Art contests? I made some to romance my formerly long distance girlfriend a dozen years ago but new to the the rest of the world, that I’d be happy to enter. (ie. a New Years Baby, etc)

    Feel free to email me direct.

  • Screenwriting extra info:

    There are others, some for a fee, some for Mac, etc. but I prefer using and supporting FLOSS. Plus I’m lazy and don’t want to learn another app. Plus I really really love love love NP++.

    It might also be worth mentioning what functionality I’m after. I could get used to using Fountain markup if I could also have some kind of extra layer(s) and metatags and metadata to turn on/off. StoryTouch has extreme screenplay breakdown functionality, overkill for me but might be good for others, yet with the “layers” I mentioned above might allow StoryTouch users a FLOSS option that they can delve into as deep as they want. Integrated revision history is also desirable.

    It boils down to this: A screenplay needs to be printed plain and simple and short and to the point.
    But I also want the option to work on and/or print a screenplay++ with bonus notes, motivation, esoteric meanings or symbology, research, crew tips, brainstorms, etc. Like an extended remix version. If you love the “normal” script then the extended screenplay could provide more preproduction, development, research, explanation, visualization, etc.
    This extra meta “layer” could also be applied for scene summaries, character arcs, plot lines, etc. for screenwriters who may like depth.

    In NP++ I can fold and nest in folds, create !<-- comments, etc. Maybe there are screenwriting solutions in here too.

  • Also, using Fountain markup would be good to work on with a “code/compose” and “preview” panels, easily done side by side, like this forum, or like Wikimedia editing.