Horizontal Scrollbar Enhancement.

  • Okay, so I found something.

    The vertical scrollbar, only appears when it needs to, it always properly adjusts itself.
    So, if you make a lot of new lines, the vertical scrollbar will appear and the more lines you make the smaller it becomes.
    and if you delete all these new lines, it will become bigger until all the lines fit into the screen, at which point it will disappear again.

    but if you make a lot of new columns and then delete those columns, the horizontal scrolling bar does not do any kind of auto adjusting to adjust back to what it looked like before. So, although it adjusts itself correctly forward, it doesn’t do any kind of adjustments going back like how the vertical scrolling bar does.

    So, I want the horizontal bar to also do what the vertical bar does. I do not know if this can be done or what, but it certainly would be good.

    I jut think the horizontal bar is being neglected. I also got myself an external script which allows moving this bar with the mousewheel, just like you can do for the vertical bar.

    Thanks for reading!

  • Hello @salviasage and All,

    I agree, that an auto-adjustment of the horizontal scroll bar couid be done. !

    However, when the Word wrap option is OFF and it seems that your horizontal scrolling bar does not reflect the horizontal length of the current file, due to suppression of a great amount of text, simply :

    Close the current file ( Ctrl + W ), then re-open it ( Ctrl + Shift + T ), without exiting N++ !

    This time, the horizontal scroll bar should have been increased ;-))

    Best Regards,


  • I found the answer to my question here.


    Looks like we will never be getting this feature…

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