How to extract just "text" with notepad

  • Hi all!

    Just as a word of warning, I am very new to Notepad++, and the explanations I find on the Web pass well over my head due to their (probably relative) complexity.

    My aim with Notepad ++ is simple, I have a file like this:

    _APPMANAGER_WAITING: “En attente…”,
    _APPMANAGER_WAITING_TO_UPDATE: “En attente de mise à jour…”,
    _APPMANAGER_DOWNLOADING: “Téléchargement en cours…”,
    _APPMANAGER_DOWNLOADING_UPDATE: “Téléchargement de la mise à jour…”,
    _APPMANAGER_INSTALLING: “Installation…”,
    _APPMANAGER_INSTALLING_UPDATE: “Installation de la mise à jour…”,

    I want to use a spell check software on the French text to make it as flawless as possible, but it is unusable due to the tags at the beginning.
    So my question is: is there a way to just extract the text, which would give someting like:

    En attente…
    En attente de mise à jour…
    Téléchargement en cours…
    … and so on.

    Thanks :-)

  • @Thomas-Partensky

    Well, you could take a copy of the file and replace all of the undesired text with nothing, leaving you only the French, example:

    Invoke the Replace dialog (ctrl+h)
    Find what zone: ^_APPMANAGER_.+?:
    Replace with zone: make sure it is blank
    Search mode: Regular expression

    For more info on regular expression searches/replacement, see here.

  • Hi Scott,

    Thanks for answering this quickly!

    My example was a bit flawed I realise, but the whole document is several thousand lines long and with very distinct “beginning text”.

    It would definitely help, but that still require a lot, a whole lot of manipulation.
    I’ll try it though, maybe after a bit of cleaning my spelling software will be more useful.


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