Problem with syntax highlighting when restoring sessions for SessionMgr.dll plugin

  • I recently had to perform a clean windows install on a new drive due to warnings of impending drive failure on my 8 year old machine.

    I’ve got np++ back-up-and-running with my can’t-do-without SessionMgr.dll, but the sessions I’ve restored that were originally created with it won’t automatically apply the syntax highlighting for the user defined language that I use.

    I had created several sessions, each with many AutoHotkey scripts open but when opening the sessions they’re all in plain text.

    The udl works fine when opening a script from the file menu or opening with np++ from explorer’s r/c menu, but I need to manually select it from the Language menu for every file opened with each session.

    Can anyone suggest how I can avoid having to manually re apply the udl for dozens of scripts?

    Thank you.

  • My bad - I failed to copy over the global.xml file :-/

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