Plugin for taking found terms and sorting them (plugin request?)

  • I’m not sure if this is a plug request, or if this already exists and I’m just not finding it.

    I work technical support, and we pull a diagnostic from our users’ machines that include services and applications installed. Manually searching for things like antivirus applications and otherwise known problematic applications can be tedious, and regular find can take care of this. However, many users have multiple problematic things installed, and very often the problematic thing installed isn’t really relevant to the issue.

    What I would like is a plug-in that can take the find terms, and sort the output. For example, let me tag terms as “Antivirus”, and then display those terms as “Antivirus” when I search them in a diagnostic log.

    I often find that when I make requests such as these, something better already exists, and my own proposed methods are inferior to what is already in place so, if that’s the case, please suggest away!

    Thank you!

  • Maybe you want to take a look at
    “AnalysePlugin will help you to search for more than one search pattern at a time. Great for analysing log files.”

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