SCORM File Editing

  • I am attempting to edit SCORM compliant files utilizing Notepad++ however upon saving them, the package will no longer run. I can edit these files (HTML based) utilizing standard Notepad and save without a problem, however when I utilize Notepad++ it will not.

    Any idea why this might be happening?

  • The obvious answer is that Notepad++ is altering additional characters which affects the “compatibility” of the SCORM file. Did you know that Notepad++ can compare 2 files. As a suggestion do your regular editing on 1 SCORM file using both Notepad++ and Notepad. Save these files as different names, then use the compare function within Notepad++ to see where the difference might be.

    Try this website which can give you the details on how to compare:


  • Outstanding advice! I was assuming it had something to do with the format I was editing it, eg: UTF-32, UTF-16 or ASCII formats. I tried a few with no luck. I will do as you say and see if there is a difference in the files after editing the two utilizing Notepad vs. Notepad++. I also assumed that the SCORM manifest was checking file size as well, however I couldn’t find any evidence of that happening, plus that wouldn’t make sense that I could edit with Notepad without any issue.

    I appreciate your response, will definitely do this!

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