Regex: Select all the words that doesn't have . in front of

  • hello. I want to match all words “html” that doesn’t have . in front of

    for example:

    my-babyhtml - this is the kind of links that I want to match

    I try this, but doesn’t work .(?<!)html

  • ok, I find an answer: \w+([^.])(?=html)

    but I don’t want to match words with signs like: #"=\ before, such as #html

    only letters before html, such as my-babyhtml

    I try (?<=[^",=#])\w+([^.])(?=html) but this will match everything that contains html

    Help please

  • Got it.

    FIND: \w+([^.#"</ ])(?=html)

    this will find all words html that has only letters before it, such as my-babyhtml

    will not match words like #html or <html or "html

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