Style Configurator: Background color for matching words

  • If I double click on a word, this word is highlighted with a certain background colour, and if the same word exists in other places, they are highlighted too, though with a different background colour. Note that these colours are NOT the same as the one which is used when I highlight text with click+drag with the mouse. With other words: Selecting a word by double-clicking it, yields a different background colour than click-dragging the mouse over the word.

    My question is: Can I somewhere change the colours of these backgrounds? I first thought it is the entry “Tags match highlight” in the Style Configurator, but obviously this isn’t the right one.

  • @Ronald-Fischer

    I think the “differences” you are seeing are when the two backgrounds are in effect together–could this be right? For example if you double-click a word (or click+drag select an entire word), you get the “selection” background color as well as the Smart Highlighing color…at the same time. This looks like a third color, but it really isn’t. Of course, maybe I’m misunderstanding…

    But the general answer…to this question… :

    Can I somewhere change the colours of these backgrounds?


    See Settings (menu) -> Style Configurator… -> Global Styles and then:

    • Selected text colour


    • Smart Highlighting

    …adjust each one’s Background colour to your liking…

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