Cannot "save as type" in user defined language

  • Hello there,

    I have an issue with the user defined language “gEcon” which I use to construct Computable General Equilibrium models. I have imported the language into npp and working with it goes fine. The issue is saving in this format and thus creating “.gcn” files. I need the “.gcn” format to load it up into a function in R.
    When I merely save, it creates a “.file” format. When i use the option “save as” I don’t find the “gEcon” language or “.gcn” format in the “save as type” directory.
    I am very new in using npp and I hope I am not repeating an obnoxious question but I have been looking for some time for a solution now.
    Thanks already,

  • If I leave the Save as type: as “All Types (.)” and enter File name: as “name.gcn”, Notepad++ properly saves the file as “name.gcn”. I’ve never seen it “merely save” to a “.file” format. When it saves as a “.file” for you, what is selected as the Save as type?

    Also, what version of NPP are you running, and what plugins are installed? Using the ? menu, Debug Info > Copy debug info to clipboard and pasting it here will answer both.

  • Seems as I was even more clueless than I thought. I totally forgot about adding the ending to the file by hand. It has worked now. Thanks a lot

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