Keep Search Window Open all the time

  • Is there any way to keep the search window open all the time? It closes every time I do a Find in Files search. Thanks

  • @David-B-Ferguson

    Well, it will stay open if your search results in 0 hits in 0 files but I sense that isn’t all you want. :-D

    So there is no easy way to make it stay open in general…however, I have seen it done with a lot of scripting code.

    The usual use-case is:

    • do a find-in-files
    • work with results in the Find result panel and/or editor tabs

    At this point your input focus is not on the Find window, so if it were still open it would take a mouse click to go back to it (count: 1 action). Find-in-files by default is tied to the ctrl+shift+f keycombo (count: also 1 action), so pressing that gets that window open again. Results: it takes one action either way. Summary: not so bad even when the window closes on successful search, IMO. :-)

  • Hello David and Scott,

    Close NPP, open config.xml with another editor and change dlgAlwaysVisible="no" to dlgAlwaysVisible="yes".

    Best regards.

  • @Yaron

    I didn’t know that trick. It works. I don’t recall ever seeing that discussed before. In this case, I’m glad to be wrong. :-)

    I only find keeping the Find window open useful when I’m using multiple monitors and I can move it to a different monitor than my maximized N++ window…otherwise I’m happy when it normally (without your trick in effect) decides to close itself and get itself out of the way!

  • Scott,

    I had actually never tried it before reading this thread.
    I did remember the config entry and voilà…

  • @Yaron

    I think that’s why I like this site…I’m always learning new stuff that can boost my own productivity by the way others do things (and discuss them). Helping out by answering questions (if I can) is rewarding, too, but it’s secondary to my main (selfish) reason for being here. :-D

  • Scott,

    Whatever the motive, your major contribution to this forum is much appreciated. :)

  • @Yaron Thanks for the reply. Sorry I took so long to follow up on it, but it works great!

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