Copy/Paste issue into Excel

  • I have started to see a weird paste issue with Excel (I have Office 365). Not sure if this is an Excel issue or a Notepad++ issue.

    There is a block of text in CSV format in Notepad++, such as:


    When I paste it into Excel, it gets turned into rows automatically:


    This happens even if I right-click and pick “Paste as Values”. Somehow Excel thinks I want to convert the CSV text into rows - but I just want it pasted into the cell as is. It somehow identifies the text as being in a different format.

    I’m not sure where to look to fix this, it’s annoying. Any ideas?

  • I don’t see that happen for me.
    However, a possible workaround: After copying from NPP, click the cell, hit F2, and paste – this will edit a single cell, and whatever you paste should all go into that cell.

  • Thanks for the suggestion. After the usual searching Google and finding useless answers, screaming, throwing the computer out the window, etc, I rebooted Windows. Problem mysteriously went away. Arrggh!

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