can someone please help me with Parent, root node making

  • i exported a database in cvs. to notepad++ and made a json file out of it.
    now it looks like this

    the problem i have is i just imported this into firebase to use with the App i’m building.
    Inside my app i can search in the database but not for the Code, Description,type number and manufacturer values.

    firebase puts them as childs under root nodes that just do this 1,2,3,4,5 etc for every entry.
    so i can search for 100 as example and then my app will display those 4 categories with its values .

    But i want to at least be able to search for the value behind code so for example i type in one of the values behind a code like 1234566, and then it displays everything.

    so i guess i would have to make every code the parent category or root node but how do i do this fast and easy?
    cause i got like 50K plus entries if i have to do this manually i t would take months.

    Can anyone help me with this ?

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